Review: The Guilty Feminist At Theatre Royal

For those who know the podcast series they will know the excitement I felt as I sat down in the Theatre Royal waiting for the recording to begin. For those who don’t know it – you have a treat in store!


The podcast is presented by comedian Deborah Frances-White, a co-host and a panel of special guests. They discuss all things women and every episode has a specific topic, from periods to porn to shoes to democracy and everything else in between. The panel explore their “noble goals as 21st century feminists and the hypocrisies and insecurities which undermine them” whilst admitting that it’s not always easy being the perfect feminist. 

Each episode starts with the host and co-host admitting why they aren’t always great at feminism. The revelation begins “I’m a feminist, but...”. For example, Deborah Frances-White admitted: “I’m a feminist, but when my four-year-old nephew insisted on me putting on my wedding dress and watching Beauty and the Beast with him, I also put on my tiara, which he had not requested”.

Two podcasts were recorded at the Theatre Royal. The topic of the first was ‘motherhood’ (the joys and pressures of being a feminist parent). The second was ‘fighting’ (from a feminist perspective). The special guests discussing this with Deborah and co-host Jessica Fostekew were Rebekah Staton and Sharon Horgan. 

On motherhood, the panel talked about the unbearable dilemma of loving your child yet needing to use your phone; talking to a therapist without ever using the word child; wondering if your child is teething or just has a bad personality and whether you should go back to work or stay at home. 

On to fighting and Staton admitted she once punched a boy at school after he lifted up a friend’s skirt and has been barred from a club in Manchester. They also discussed whether it’s alright for children to fight and if it’s a feminist thing to do. 

The one-liners make you laugh but it’s the monologues given by Frances-White and Fostekew that are the gold in this podcast. 

Intrigued? Head to Feeling brave? Then dive straight in with the episode on periods (ep. 49). Unless of course you already announce your period by saying “the communists are in the fun house”.

I must admit that...I’m a feminist, but when a good looking Aussie guy carried my suitcase (filled with books and DVDs) down some stairs and commented “you have a lot of shoes in here don’t you girlie?” I just thanked him and smiled. If it happens again, I’ll say it’s my ex-boyfriend.

Written by Clare.