Review: Vivino Wine Scanner App

If you’re exploring the world of wine and are anything like me, you’ll spend ages in the wine aisle pondering your choice and then end up with the £6 bottle you usually get.

Being bored of the same old bottle, I decided to give the Vivino wine app a go, which is helping the average wine drinker to branch out with their choices and to, hopefully, educate us all on wine.

To get started, open the Vivino app and take a photo of any wine label in order to learn that wine's average rating, reviews, and average price instantly.

What I hadn’t realised is that Vivino not only offers the above information but brings together a community of wine-lovers, connecting its users.

On opening the app, I was asked for my full name, email and had the option to add a photo. It was very Facebook-esque and, honestly, put me off. I reluctantly entered my details anyway and found the world of wine waiting for me.

Ready to get my wine on, I took to Tesco to try it out.

The app is really user friendly and every label I scanned gave me results within about 2 seconds. The app then gives you a star rating, average price, country and year, and user comments.

I decided on Rioja for the night and scanned five labels to compare.

Now, here comes the problem. Every bottle of wine, of various countries and prices, was rated between 3.4 and 3.8. Unfortunately, it seems that there aren’t yet enough users to give an accurate average score based on what users think.

These ratings and reviews aren’t from wine connoisseur’s either, it’s just you and me giving our opinion. As something like wine is quite subjective, the app really needs a lot more people to use it in order to bring its central idea to life. And I hope that they do!

The thing I most enjoyed with Vivino is the suggestion of food pairings with different wines and a list of characteristics for your chosen wine. This element is more useful than the reviews, but be aware that you have to scroll past the reviews to find this information, so it took me a while to realise it was there at all.

There are a few other great features on the app, including articles about wine, charts for the best wines in certain price ranges. It also saves your scanned wines so that you can return to your old favourites.

While the ratings just aren’t consistent enough yet, if you’re interested in learning more about wine and like the community aspect, then give Vivino a go. I have to say, my 3.7 rated bottle of wine was really rather nice. 

Written by Rosie.