Review: Wafflemeister's Brighton opening

Before we delve in (to giant jars of Nutella, that is), we have to ask – are you a fan of waffles? Hopefully, the answer is yes, as that is pretty much what this entire article is about. We have to be honest – the Brighton Girl office loves a good waffle (the Belgian treat, too), so we were positively spoilt for choice when invited to Wafflemeister’s Brighton launch.

What’s so special about another dessert place we hear you ask? Well, for one thing it’s Wafflemeister’s secret Belgian family recipe, which calls for fresh dough in its waffles as opposed to the usual batter. This is the very foundation of their speciality Liège waffle, named after the Belgian city it originates from, so you can say goodbye to that overly sugary crunch in your dessert so sickly you can’t finish it!

The menu at Wafflemeister is absolutely huge, with amazing thick shakes, gelato, coffee and cakes alongside the main showstoppers: sweet and savoury waffles and crêpes. Savoury waffles?! We hear ya, but amazingly the handmade Liège waffles paired excellently with cheese, pepperoni and tomato or even (and please, bear with us here) couscous, kale and hummus.


Feeling pretty adventurous with all of these exciting flavour combinations, we decided to try the New Yorker savoury crêpe: pastrami, cheddar, mustard, spinach and dill pickles. What a dark horse! After a fantastic couple of hours trying out various different delights, most of us had agreed that the New Yorker was one of the most surprising, and had actually been the favourite of the night.

The space itself had the look and feel of a coffeehouse, creating a lovely atmosphere for hanging out with friends and family. The passion of Brighton’s Wafflemeister team was incredibly evident throughout the evening – they take their craft very seriously – and are very excited to bring Wafflemeister to Brighton.

Surrounded by such a fantastic team and the many delicious sweet and savoury treats, we felt right at home (can you blame us?), though we can’t deny that several glasses of prosecco helped here too.

We had an absolute blast at the launch, and can’t wait to go back again soon for a Shake au Chocolat, or maybe even a waffle themed brunch! In the words of Roland, the Brighton franchise owner: “I just love waffles!” So do we Roland, so do we.

Written by Sammy Paget.

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