Review: Wolfsmouth's "Greasy Paws" At The Mucky Duck Brighton

Our favourite food duo striked again! The Wolfsmouth pack are bringing New York Street Food style dining to Kemptown local, The Mucky Duck, with new venture, Greasy Paws.

Located just off lower St James St, Friday night at The Mucky Duck is packed with drinkers and diners alike. Warm and welcoming, it’s an ideal spot to hole up in now that winter is settling in. We’re more than happy to have been invited to try the new offering from the rapidly expanding Wolfsmouth kitchens.

The Menu and Atmosphere

greasy paws wolfsmouth fast food at the mucky duck brighton

The menu here showcases burgers, wings, and wolfy bites well worth getting your paws dirty for. As always, a variety of dietary requirements are catered to, and whilst the menu is suitably meat heavy for the NY street style, there are several succulent options for vegan and vegetarian diners.

The Mucky Duck is the perfect venue to consume this American cultural experience form the comfort of your local english pub in candlelight, a pint and friendly staff.

The Food

greasy paws wolfsmouth fast food at the mucky duck brighton

The burgers are hearty but not overly heavy, with pillowey buns to sink your teeth into. The vegan Szechuan Aubergine was a definite mouth watering winner on the night, with a nicely contrasted sharpness to its sesame and miso sweetness, and The Mucky Duck (beef & shredded duck with hoisin sauce) garnered the following reaction, ‘fucking amazing, FULLSTOP’, our fellow diner going on to say, ‘I’m overwhelmed, how could I possibly describe this?’ We’ll take that as a genuine big ups.

greasy paws wolfsmouth fast food at the mucky duck brighton

We rounded out the meal with a few of the sharing-sized sides; the mac’n’cheese, creamy with a satisfying crunch to the breadcrumb topping. The slaw, a refreshing, yoghurty affair with just the right amount of bite to it, pairing well with the greasier burgers and bbq wings (think nice and sticky with understated spice, served with salty pickles and ranch dipping sauce); and the vegan chilli fries (an essential sharing plate). Although we couldn’t squeeze them in this time round, our lovely waitress highly recommended the buttermilk fried chicken.

It’s food made to share; fun, fast, and filling but with the flair and finesse chefs Jack and Will have built the Wolfsmouth brand around. They are also representing at Marwood Bar & Coffeehouse with Taco Lobo (click here for our review) and Dead Wax Social with Brooklyn style pizza.

Last, but no least - a little impression of our evening:

Written by Siala Farani-Tomlin

Photos & Video by Nick Petrouis

Disclaimer: The food was given to us for free, but our opinions are our own.