Shit Our Mothers Say

Ahh, mothers. We love them, we hate them, we have to listen to their pearls of wisdom even when we don’t want to… However you feel about your mum, you can’t deny the hilarious, ridiculous, annoying and downright rude things they can come out with.

We asked a few of our Brighton Girls to share the things that their mum’s have come out with – here’s the shit they shared with us.

1. "I just wonder if you'll regret this in 20 years’ time."

2. “Can you order this on Amazon Prime for me?”

Mum, that’s not on Amazon Prime. Do you even know what Amazon Prime is?

3. “Are you sure you want to wear that?”


4. “Well, you just need to make your mind up don't you."

Remind me why I ever ask you for advice.

5. “Have you lost weight? Are you sure?”

6.  “Mind the roads!”

It’s spring and the roads are fine, as usual.

7.  “People always ask why you're still single, and I just say I don’t care if you’re a lesbian because you’re happy.”

Thanks, I think? FYI not a lesbian, mum.

8. “I preferred your hair before.”

9. “What have you lost?” 

Nothing. I just got up to get a glass of water…

10.  "Did you say something?”

Nope. Nothing. We definitely weren’t just having a conversation.

What shit does your mother say? Let us know on Twitter @BrightonGirlMag

Written by Sofaya.