The Eco-Friendly Guide to Brighton Pride

Brighton Pride is an opportunity for the whole city to come together and celebrate LGBTQ+ communities while dressed in the shades of the rainbow in one of the biggest Pride festivals of the UK.

We all love donning the rainbow, dressing bold and making a statement when it comes to Pride, and here’s how you can dress to impress whilst championing equality and diversity and supporting brands that are trying to make a more ethical and sustainable world!

The accessories

Eco Glitter

Copious amounts of glitter is a must for Pride. However, usual store bought glitter is actually made of tiny bits of plastic and aluminium which aren’t bio-degradeable. As a result, making yourself into a human disco ball actually ends up being incredibly harmful to the environment, as the microplastics infiltrate the planet’s eco systems and are ingested by marine creatures.

Thanks to new technology, glitter is now being made out of natural materials which do biodegrade and are therefore eco-friendly!  Recreate your favourite looks by using brands like Eco Stardust, who also promote maritime conservation and environmental issues.

Eco face paint

Painting your face the colours of the rainbow is another favourite way to celebrate, show support and solidarity. What you may not know is that many facepaints are made from ingredients that are both unsustainable and unethical.

This kit from Naturehome has loads of colours, so you can paint your perfect rainbow. It’s made from natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, castor oil, mineral pigments, beeswax, carnauba wax, vitamin E and hemp oil. It’s also a good choice for those with sensitive skin.


Juna specialise in ethically made and sourced sterling silver jewellery. They use reclaimed stones and all of their materials are fair trade and fair-mined. These beautifully simple stacking rings come in the colours of the rainbow and can be worn on one finger for maximum impact, or if you’re feeling less blingy, spread over multiple. 


Looking for a new pair of sunnies? Komodo have you covered. They have a wide variety of designs from plain and simple to sunglasses that are a bit more of a statement.

Check out these red ones, which have a retro feel about them. They are ‘unbreakable’ as well, so perfect for the clumsy or slightly tipsy among us at Pride this year.

The Outfit

Rainbow Crop Top

Laura Ginger hand makes these gorgeous crochet bralettes to order to guarantee you get the perfect fit. These tops, which come in all the colours of the rainbow, are perfect for layering or just purely accompanying your glitter adorned top half. You can also personalise them with whatever design you fancy!


Every crop top needs a complementary pair of high waisted trousers, and these red vintage numbers from Beyond Retro are the perfect match. A statement flare that promotes the circular economy? What more could you want!  


To complete the outfit, and to go that extra Pride mile, adorn your feet with a pair of ethically and sustainably-made silver trainers. Veja are committed to creating ethically and sustainably sourced products and are huge advocates of fairtrade and organic farming.

These sassy numbers not only look great but ARE great, made by a company who are trying to make the fashion world a better place.

A raincoat (for if it rains, which it won’t *touch wood*)

Insane In The Rain’s fab raincoats are made out of recycled plastic bottles. This jacket and it’s vibesy print is the ultimate Pride cover-up, and is made out of 17-23 recovered and upcycled plastic bottles.


This tote bag, with it’s embroidered rainbow, is the perfect vessel for carrying around all the items you’ll need for the day. Water, money, keys, purse, camera, extra glitter, booze, sunglasses… need I go on. This limited edition tote is made out of 100% cotton with an eco friendly raw finish, so it looks great and has less of impact on the environment.


The Extras


It’s usually pretty sunny on Pride weekend, so don’t forget the suncream. No one wants to be going home red raw - the lobster looks is definitely not in this summer! Looking after your skin is a must and Green People have a fab range of sun lotions which are all vegan, cruelty free and made from natural ingredients.

Bio degreadeable confetti

The three words that can take your day from great to amazing! Rainbow bio degradeable confetti is perfect for throwing all over your favourite people, scattering rainbow love across Brighton.   

A Cheeky G&T

Pride usually ends up getting pretty merry, so why not support locally made Brighton Gin who have created their own limited edition version for Pride this year. Brighton Gin is made using 100% organic wheat spirit and is distilled right here in Brighton, with their Pride edition helping to raise money for the Rainbow Foundation.

Brighton Pride Gin will be available to purchase from Twenty One Wines, Ten Green Bottles, HiSbe and Trafalgar Wine. There are only 420 bottles though, so get one before they're all gone!

Written by Hermione.

Read more from Hermione on her ethical and sustainable lifestyle blog Revival Collective.