The Great British Bake Off Is Ruined

I am basic. Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love it for so many reasons: the knit jumpers, the orange and burgundy colour scheme, the endless Instagram shots of leaves and trees and sunsets.

Mostly, I love that Autumn feeling. That cosy comfort of a chunky knit on a brisk day. Of cosy nights snuggled into blankets watching amateur bakers cook equally-cosy, attainable bakes with a large dose of witty jokes and puns.

But wait. 

The cosy bake off I’ve known and loved for so many years is gone. The shift to Channel 4 has stripped it of all it’s cosy. The lack of Mary, Mel and Sue aside, gone are the familiar bakes from family and friends and in it’s place what do we get?

Board games made of biscuits! BISCUITS! Why is that a thing? Why would I care that that is a thing? Why do I still tune in to watch this thing?


I used to love the bakes on bake off - the fact that you could watch them, find out tips and tricks and think about making them yourself next Monday evening (to eat during that week's episode of course). Okay, maybe not to the same decorative level, but you could sure give it a go with your adequate baking skills

Instead, you’re wondering why on earth they’re making bread that looks like a bag? A bag? You make no sense.


Why does it annoy me so much you may ask? It’s just a TV show after all, you say. It might seem silly, but I know that I want to be cosy, I want to giggle at puns and I want to try that week’s bakes. I don't want to watch people make jelly on the telly.

Who knows, maybe I will still watch it every week, and maybe there is still a part of me that wants to be on the show, but I’m no longer cosy – I just can’t watch it in the same way I had grown to love.


One of the most ridiculous (and incredibly mean) bakes so far tells us all we need to know when you think about it…

The fortune cookie. Well, Channel 4, I have read your fortune and it tells me that you have ruined a programme we loved and turned it into a programme we’ll love to hate.

Thanks Paul.


What do you think about Channel 4's Great British Bake Off? Are you into it?

Written by Amara. You can find more from Amara on her blog Brighton Born and Bread.

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