Valentine's DIYs to melt hearts, not break bank accounts

A fellow Brighton girl was recently telling me about an article she read in a popular women's magazine. It was a Valentine's Day gift guide indicating how much you should spend on your partner depending on how long you'd been together. 

The amount started at £100 and went up from there! Something like - if you've been together for 5 years, spend £500. 

Now, I don't know about you, but £500 is probably what I earned last year, so I kinda need that money so that, you know, I don’t die of starvation.

I've been trawling Pinterest for things you can make for your other half that will make you look like THE BEST PARTNER EVER. Because it's the thought that counts after all. 

A lot of stuff on Pinterest is pretty pukeworthy (maybe that's the bitter single in me coming out), but some of it's actually pretty sweet and can be tweaked to make really personalised gifts.

So, whether it's your special someone (in my case, that's my dog/my sister depending on which is being less annoying), your friend, or you just want to tell yourself how much you love you: Let's get MAKING.

Write it down

I'm going to be honest – when I initially found this idea I cringed. Then again, it's better than getting a card that has a poem written by someone else.

This gets you thinking about the reasons you're with your other half, and you might even think of some new ones. Let's face it, we all like to be reminded we're loved every now and again.

52 Things I Love About You

Get a deck of cards, get thinking and get sticking. 

What I Love About You A-Z

A similar idea but for the more organised mind.


A couple that plays together, stays together. Board games are awesome FACT. I challenge you to play Settlers of Catan and not have a good time.

'Definitely not Jenga' Valentine's Game

A bit of a crossover with the previous category, a.k.a. the best of both worlds.


All the properties are places and events that have a special meaning to the couple. If this is a bit... much, you can take the Monopoly idea and run with it.

A friend of mine handmade FROM SCRATCH a Harry Potter Monopoly, complete with Hogwarts figures and a wooden chest to keep it all in, for his fiance.

She is obsessed with Harry Potter and it's one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever seen anyone give.

Location, location, location

Remind each other of all the places you've shared special moments.

Places We've Been

Suitable for a couple that's been together a bit longer, otherwise it might just be to the pub and the local corner shop.


Or if you're less in to maps and more in to co-ordinates, you could find out the latitude and longitude of a special location and make it in to a mini print.


If you're gonna go cheesy – you may as well go all out. Here are some TERRIBLE puns I found on my searches.

I have nothing against terrible puns. I once got my boyfriend-at-the-time a Nandos gift voucher and made a card with a chilli on the front saying “To my EXTRA HOT boyfriend.” I am not sorry.

You're Tea-riffic

Puns Image 2.jpg


There's a reason they're called baked goods...

Super Fancy Cookie Boxes

If you can get yours to look as good as these I want to know where you studied magic.

Slightly Less Fancy Strawberry Cheesecakes

Baking Image 2.jpg

But Vegan AND Gluten Free. Don't say I never give you anything.

Love is Not Just for Valentine's

A lot of the time I hear people saying “Why do you just show your partner you love them on Valentine's, why not every day?” Well, this is one for you guys.

A Date a Month

Hopelessly romantic date ides for every month of the year – this one's pretty American but you get the jist.

Date Night Lucky Dip

No Pinterest list would be complete without SOMETHING in a jar.

Small Gestures

Lastly, a couple of things that are quick and easy if you've really left it to the last minute (I won't tell).

Peg Message

Small Gestures Image 2.jpg

You'll always have a place in my... book.

Have fun lovebirds.

Written by Kitty. 

You can find more from Kitty on her website and by following her on Instagram @kittywshaw.

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