Valentines Recipe: White and Dark Chocolate Brownies

With Valentines just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the ones we love. This doesn't have to be through elaborate gifts or huge gestures. 

I think that valentines is just as much about appreciating the day to day things that we love about the people around us, not just the money they spend. 

That being said, there's one way I like to show others I appreciate them: food. There are times when this includes savoury food, snacks and meals, but, for more, the most important is baked goods. 

I mean, what better way is there to show your love than sugar filled treats made at home?

And this Valentines, I want to share a very special recipe for your very special someone.

White and Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites



100g Dark chocolate

125g unsalted butter

30g light brown sugar

70g dark brown sugar

2 egg

75g plain flour

25g cocoa

50g white chocolate chunks


  1. Heat oven to 180 degrees C
  2. Melt down dark chocolate, butter and sugar; Do this in a bowl over simmering water making sure the bowl doesn't touch the water and you stir continually to make sure the chocolate doesn't split.
  3. Remove from the heat when completely melted
  4. Add in the egg one at a time and combine
  5. Add in the flour and cocoa and stir by hand until mixed in
  6. Stir in the white chocolate chunks trying to get them evenly distributed 
  7. Grease a brownie tin or use baking paper if you have it to hand
  8. Pour into a greased tray making sure that the mixture is even 
  9. Bake for 20 minutes or until a knife comes out clean

Now its up to you! Get creative and serve these in a way that your loved one will appreciate. 


You can either serve them as a dessert cut into a large heart shape (I used a cutter, this is not a sign of my artistic skills) or in small Brownie bites, where you simply cut along in lines and make squares with a sharp knife.

This is perfect for a small treat for them to take to work or a nice snack with a coffee and a snuggle on the sofa. 

Feeling inspired? There are loads of other valentines recipes over on Amara's blog for your loved one. Try baking them together for something in expensive, warm and fun to do together.