Weird But Deeply Satisfying Things We Love

Y'know those small, innocent but weird things that you keep to yourself because no one else could possibly understand? Some are considered gross, strange or just plain bland, but you can't get enough. 

In the spirit of sharing the weird (because we know we're not the only ones), we asked our Brighton Girls to share the weird things they, for whatever reason, find satisfying. We're sure some of you can relate...

Pimple Popping Videos

I love a good spot pop. I love popping my own, popping other peoples and yep… watching them on YouTube. There is something insanely relaxing about watching a pore filled with gunk get cleaned out. It’s not just blackheads and whiteheads though… cysts are my new obsession. Sometimes they have a really runny texture, and sometimes like soft cheese. Gross right, but soooo good to watch! Here’s one of my faves:

Ear Wax Removal

Yep, another disgusting one! The same thing with the pimple popping - there is something quite therapeutic about cleaning out gunk from your body! The wax can range from being super sticky, to a hard black rock. It’s incredible what can be found in your ear. I don’t have a particular favourite doctor that I like to watch, so here's a compilation.

Ingrown Hair Removal

We have all suffered with ingrown hairs - they are so annoying aren’t they?! I love plucking them out - or more like stabbing them until they come out. But it feels sooo good once they come out for good! I also have a bad habit of watching ingrown hair removal videos on YouTube (are you sensing a theme here?). I love it when the hair bends up and then the root comes out… Strange and disgusting, but oddly satisfying.

- Imogen

The sound of tattoo machines

I used to walk past the same tattoo shop almost everyday to get to town from my flat. Before I got my first tattoo I found the buzzing of a tattoo machine really annoying but when I first went inside that same tattoo shop toget my tattoo, the buzzing really made the tattoo parlour come alive. Now, whenever I hear a tattoo machine I can't help but get the same feeling of liveliness.

- Liv

Glitter mixing

If you know me, you'll know I love glitter. Not just the glitter itself, thought. While it's sparkly and fabulous by nature, I absolutely love mixing it. The act of mixing different glitters and seeing them come together to be perfectly blended is so deeply satisfying I just can't stand it. Add in a gel-like adhesive (how I make my glitter for Headblush) and it's even more so. Besides mixing myself, I love watching glitter mixing videos (here's a great Instagram account dedicated to it). Sparkly, fabulous and relaxing all at once!

Slime Videos

Slime videos are a new obsession of mine. As someone who loves ASMR videos, slime videos are like sensory masterpieces crafted with sound, texture and slow visuals. Plus they're really weird, gooey and come in so many different colours and finishes! They make me turn to jelly (or slime, I guess)!

- Sofaya

Written by Sofaya.