What My Mum Means to Me

Mum’s are awesome. As women, they are often the most integral figures in our lives from day one and have a profound impact on who we are. Even though Mother’s Day may be a card company kinda holiday, it allows us to check in with the special lady in our lives and really reflect on how important they are.

We asked our Brighton Girls to dig deep to tell us exactly what their mum’s mean to them, and today, on Mother’s Day, we encourage you to do the same. 

Get your tissues ready...




My mum is my person. She's the one whose opinion I value the most, the one I know will never judge me but will always tell me the truth, the person I call when I am in trouble… and when I'm at my happiest. She's the person who had me young but never let that stand in our way. She's the person who believes in me. She's the person who will forever inspire me to push myself and believe in myself. 



How could I possibly put into words how much my mum means to me? I love her caring nature and how she always puts others before herself. She does everything for me, such as picking me up from the airport at 2 am or telling me on the phone how to resolve my latest cooking drama. My mum is the feeling that you get before you go to bed on Christmas Eve, or when you see your food coming in a restaurant. It’s a very difficult task to say what my mum means to me, because 'everything' doesn’t quite cut it. 



My mum means everything to me. She is my close friend, a shoulder to cry on and a person I go to when I need advice. A strong feminist, she has inspired me to fight for equality. I have a neurological condition with epilepsy being one of the side effects. This has meant numerous hospital appointments including MRI scans and overnight stays both in Brighton and London since I was about 4 years old. My mum accompanies me to pretty much all of them. I couldn’t do it without her. She looks after me and makes me tea if I’ve had a particularly bad day. She also spent years caring for both her parents, both of whom had dementia. My mum has always been my rock. She inspires me. If I ever become a mother, I hope I can be as good to my children as she is to me. 


Like many, finding myself through my teenage angst was especially hard. My mum and I would both soon realise that the fashionable misery, overdone eyeliner and punk soundtrack was not ‘just a phase’ for me, but not once did she suggest I change. She was the first to really challenge me, push me further, feed my passion and reassure me that it was okay to just be what I wanted to be. So, to me, my mum represents the most treasured piece of wisdom I have: to be proud of who I am. (Photo L-R: My mum, me and my sister.)



My mum is the most fabulous woman. She’s kind, caring and compassionate. She’s funny, forgetful, loves a Bacardi and is the first to get down on the dance floor. She’s the nicest woman you could ever meet, but the fiercest should you ever insult her family. She's big and bold and has never shied away from being herself, even when I was an embarrassed teenager. She taught me how to cook, sew, speak up and be whatever the fuck I wanted. She’s my cheerleader, my reassurance, my ride or die bitch (the Thelma to my Louise). She’s warmth and comfort and the source of my strength. My mum is my home, my heart. I wouldn't be the person I am today without her holding my hand.

Written by Sofaya.