What the hell is a WEE party?

If you've ever been on a night out, you'll know exactly how wonderful of a place the women's toilets can be. Whether you need life advice, someone to zip you in or out of that challenging playsuit or toilet roll from the stall over, the women's toilets is a sacred space of sorts where a great deal of friendship is found, no questions asked. 

With that in mind, we're so excited to bring you an invitation to the first ever WEE party as organised by one of our very own Brighton Girls, Sophie. We'll let her tell you the rest.

You’re invited to a Party… A WEE Party.

What the hell is that?! I hear you cry or, for the less verbal of you, an eyebrow impressively rises.

Let me tell you a story…

My name is Sophie and two years ago I was standing in someone’s kitchen at a New Years Eve party, not knowing who anyone was…as per. Suddenly, I found myself slammed up against a bathroom door, lock latched with a mysterious woman sat on the loo before me, peeing and telling me her entire life story. “This is my ex’s party, we’ve been at uni, I haven’t seen him in a year, IT’S REAL”

We entered that toilet as strangers and left friends.

One day this same friend was crying for a creative outlet (we’re both actresses) and I thought back to this moment and it made me think “I wonder what other bizarre, moments have happened between women in toilets?” And just like that, WEE STORIES was born: a web series documenting the real moments that happen to and between women in toilets.


WEE PARTIES will act as the setting for the first episode of WEE STORIES and we’re inviting you to become part of our first cast. Think of it as an immersive film experience. 

There will be makeovers, games, arts & crafts and a performance from Brighton Poet, Kat's Head. And woven into these activities, myself and my Director of Photography Lauren Joy Kennet will be interviewing you to uncover that authentic female spirit I suspect we have ALL felt within that neutral and un-judgemental place of places: the Ladies loo. 


A dedication to portraying women and all those who identify as women at their PUREST.


Don’t sweat it, nothing is obligatory, Research shows that the toilet is one of the ONLY places we feel truly safe and I’m gonna make damn sure it stays that way. So, no pressure just come along and enjoy what  promises to be a MEMORABLE evening.

FINE you’ve convinced me…WHERE/WHEN?

GREAT! Come get intentionally locked in the toilet with us on 29th July, 7pm sharp to 11pm at Presuming Ed’s Coffeehouse on London Road

As one Brighton Girl said, “The Toilet is a moment away from the jungle”, so why not grab a vine and swing out of yours for a while?

From one cubicle to another,
*flushes chain*

Love Sophie 

Find out more about the event by checking out the video below and don't forget to let Sophie know you're attending on Facebook.

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