What To Expect From Brighton Fashion Revolution Week 2019

It’s Fashion Revolution Week on the 22nd - 28th of April, a global campaign that happens across 90 different countries every year, encouraging people to consider how their clothes came to exist and whether or not that process was fair to the environment and to the people who made them. They use the hashtag #whomademyclothes and ask all fashion lovers to question brands and demand transparency.

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In its honour ethical and sustainable fashion community Revival Collective have brought together local Brighton based businesses, organisations and communities for a week of events to celebrate ethical and sustainable fashion in the city and help raise awareness of the ethical issues and lack of transparency within the fashion industry.

Fashion is amazing… it’s fun, it’s creative and most of us love it! Unfortunately, it can also come at the cost of both the planet and the people who live on it. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world and uses so many resources, so it’s crazy to think that is it often seen as so disposable. Did you know to make just one T-Shirt it takes 2720 liters of water? That’s enough drinking water for 1 person for 3 years.

fashion revolution week 2019 brighton girl
fashion revolution week 2019 brighton girl

The feminist movement is stronger than ever, yet when 80% of garment workers are women, and only 12% out of 219 fashion brands are able to say they pay garment workers the legal minimum (this isn’t even taking into account the awful conditions and long hours), it begs the question, why are so many of us supporting an industry that is exploiting other women around the world?

But it doesn’t have to be this way! We just need to re-think our relationships with fashion and support brands and designers who are changing the fashion game. There are so many gorgeous brands out there, especially right here in Brighton.

To help you out Revival Collective teamed up with the talented local illustrator @KeziahFurini to bring you the Ethical Fashion Map of Brighton, featuring Brighton shops that sell ethical and sustainable fashion and a listing of Brighton based brands that sell online.

ethical fashion map brighton

You can download your copy here or pick one up from any of the shops featured on the map.

What events are happening over the week?

Film Screening of The True Cost - 23rd of April

The event will take place at Onca Gallery and is hosted by Revival Collective and Lucy & Yak to raise money for Labour Behind the Label. For anyone who has never seen True Cost, it’s a must watch! It truly changes the way you think about the fashion world and will impact the way you shop forever.

'Who Made Your Clothes?’ Installation - 20th of April

The Fair Shop, Brighton’s local boutique specializing in sustainable fashion, will be doing an instore Fashion Revolution installation where you can find out all about the people who made the clothes they have in store and discover beautiful, innovative sustainable fashion brands.

fashion revolution week 2019 brighton girl

Panel Discussions and Workshops:

Trash Talk: Can Fast Fashion Ever Be Sustainable? - 24th of April

Sister Society x Sew Fabulous: Fashion Revolution Consumer Workshop - 24th of April

Revival Collective: Why Fashion Is a Feminist Issue - 26th of April

Anti-Sweatshop Swap Shop - 27th of April

The GOOD Fashion Show - 27th of April

‘How To Be A Fashion Revolutionary’ Workshop - 28th of April

You can see all the events happening over the week on the Facebook page here.

Written by Hermione Berendt from Revival Collective.