What To Expect From "Cocktails On The Beach" At Pop Up Brighton

On the 8th and 9th of September, Pop-Up Forest presents: Cocktails On The Beach; a creative cocktail class hosted in an immersive imagined landscape at Pop-Up Brighton.

CotB - Bar.jpg

For their second event ‘Pop-Up Forest’ is taking over Pop-Up Brighton space turning it into an imagined beach at sunset. Using digital projection mapping and sensory trickery, the concrete floor beneath you will be swept by digital foaming waves and you’ll hear gulls call out over the sea.

At this one of a kind cocktail masterclass you'll learn how to shake and serve exotic and exciting creations. Your bartender will also teach you how to balance the flavours in your cocktails and serve them in style while guiding you through the spirits. All this in a paradise resembling an idyllic beach that you can see, smell and taste.  

Using only premium spirits such as Mamont Vodka, you’ll create your own colour changing cocktail shifting from vivid blue to a sunset pink. Or discover a washed up message in a bottle - which details how to create a dangerous and tropical concoction with Evan Williams Whiskey and pineapple.

CotB - Cocktail.jpg

Each class is 90 minutes long and will include 4 drinks per person, tickets are on sale for £30 via the Pop Up Forest website or here. They run at various times through Saturday and Sunday.

We are going to be at the event ourselves and are more than excited to not only taste delicious and dreamy cocktails, but to make them ourselves in a 3D art installation stimulating all our senses.

Here's a wee trailer of the visuals and cocktails awaiting you:

The installations and visuals are by event host Thomas Buckley.

Written by Anna Olivia Böke