Where To Go In Brighton Summer When The Beach Gets Hit By A Human Tsunami

Now, the first thing coming to everybody's mind probably is: Oh I'll just bike out a little further to Portslade or Rottingdean. But believe me - either way it's a trap. There's no such thing as a quiet beach during this time of the year... any way you look. Drunk cheerful bbq-ers just turn into hoards of families with screaming kids the closer you get to Portslade.

But what is there to do? Do we just have to accept the fact that we pay a ton of taxes for the beach and staggering rent to live near the sea... just for DFLs to litter up the beach and gather around a little throwaway grill singing Oasis songs?

Let's breathe calmly for a sec... It's summertime and no time for bitterness. So let's grant the beach territory to other people today and take a wider look at our beautiful town. There's loads of things to do no day-visitor would consider:

📍 Devil's Dyke

I suppose if we can't see the sea today we might as well take the next best option with a sea of fields. Devil's Dyke is approximately an1-hour bike ride away from Brighton centre and is located in the north west of the South Downs' beautiful landscape. Enjoy breathtaking views over green fields and ground yourself in the grass, have a picnic and a sweaty hike to re-focus on your self and detox from stressful city life. 

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📍Hove Park

Another way to spend a day in the green in this outstandingly persistent British summer. Try Hove Park aka the Central Park of the "big avocado" (Brighton). Watch out for some events going on as well. With its' 40 acres it is one of the cities largest parks offering space for everyone. Also worth to see is the "fingerprint", a public sculpture carved into the park.

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📍Great British Wine Tour

I don't think I have to explain in detail while this is a good idea, but what is better than being picked up from Brighton to taste wine and have amazing food in the country side on a lovely summer day? Choose from various different tour offers and enjoy the sweet life of tuscany or at least you can pretend for a day. The perfect escape from Brighton beach madness!



Or if everything else fails and Brighton is invaded from all sides you might just want to consider re-locating to the sea like this fella:

Written by Anna Olivia Böke

p.s. If you're annoyed by all the litter on the beach from plastic pint glasses and single use packaging, join our Trash Talk campaign and fill in this quick survey.