Why Black Friday Is Shit

Ahh, Black Friday. Somewhat unknown to us all only a few years ago and now a day that I vehemently despise.

If it wasn’t enough to queue up outside the shops at 5am on Boxing Day (yes, people do do this), now retailers have convinced us to gather at midnight following Thanksgiving and wait for their stores to open so that we can fight each other - literally - over TVs and electronics that we do not need.

Wait, Thanksgiving?! Yep, that's where this commercial sensation stems from, but it seems no one has thought to explain this to the British public.

Black Friday brings out the worst in us: the materialistic subordinates desperate to not just keep up with the Joneses, but to one-up them as well. Forget resting at home with loved ones, catching up on TV or getting a good night's sleep, for there are deal$ to be had!

We are now a people obsessed with upgrades and terrified of missing out. Got a TV? Does it work? Well, it's not as good as this TV is it? Wasteful attitudes and overspending are encouraged, seeing people buying luxuries in hoards, with no consideration as to what will become of their predecessors.

Once the adrenaline wears off and the buyer's remorse kicks in, what are we really left with? Materialistic values have long had a link with unhappiness and diminished wellbeing, as well as aggression.

I struggle to think that anyone shopping in the Black Friday sales is left with lasting feelings of happiness and satisfaction, probably due to the anticipation of Cyber Monday around the corner. Don't get me started...

This year, social enterprise Hubbub have launched #BrightFriday, a sustainable alternative to Black Friday with the message of creating your own dream instead of buying it. #BrightFriday encourages us to look at what we have and have fun without spending like mad while teaching us a few much needed lessons about sustainability.

So don't hit the shops - or the web - this Friday. Take a look at what you have, rediscover something you love or support your local community by shopping independent.

Written by Sammy Paget.

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