Why we're holding the Brighton Girl Summit

The Brighton Girl community turns 2 this month - on the same day that the City Girl Network celebrates its first birthday as an official business. Whilst it was unplanned for that to be the case, the 13th March now has a very special place in my heart. 

At the time of writing this, the Brighton Girl Facebook Group is on 1435 members, our freelancer's group is on 96 following a recent rebirth last week, and our runner's group is on 111. From the last count, 112 girls have found permanent and freelance work through Brighton Girl, 45 girls have found housemates (myself included) and we've hosted 80 events where every girl I've spoken to has made a friend. 

Photography by Lucie McAdams at a Brighton Girl Coffee Meet Up

Photography by Lucie McAdams at a Brighton Girl Coffee Meet Up

But we're not the only community empowering, inspiring and supporting women in Brighton. 

Brighton Girl is for every girl - no matter your profession, your interests, your backgrounds or your beliefs. So, we have an eclectic mix of voices, opinions and experiences, with many involved in other projects and communities. 

I've had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible women leading sister communities, like One Girl Band, Brighton Digital Women, Revival Collective and many, many more.

A little snippet of the Brighton Digital Women

A little snippet of the Brighton Digital Women

So, in honour of International Women's Day, We Spring Forward and the joint City Girl Network and Brighton Girl birthday, we're holding a summit.

We want to invite 60 women from communities, businesses and projects representing women's interests into a room on the evening of 22nd March to see how we can help each other. 

You don't have to be a women's only group. We want representatives from homeless charities, women's shelters, business networks, transgender groups, art projects, to name a few - essentially, any group where empowering, inspiring and supporting women plays a part in what you do. 

And - notably - this isn't for young women, this is for all women.

Why? Because we need to come together. We need to help each other. And in order to do that, we need to open the lines of communication.

How it will work

This event will be free and a part of the We Spring Forward Festival, who are kindly providing us with a space at 68 Middle Street. It'll start at 6.30 on Thursday 22nd March and end at around 9.30 - with an inevitable post-event pub plan afterwards.

Prior to the event, we'll ask all attendees to share how their organisation or project helps women and what help they need to improve their services. With this information, we'll put together an agenda - to be released a week beforehand.

That being said, all attendees should be prepared to do a 30 second "pitch" to explain who they are and what they need to everyone in the room. 

But we're not expecting you to memorise it or anything, you can read it off your phone. 

At the end of the evening, we want to have a set plan for how women's interest groups can work together moving forwards, what collective issues for local women we can tackle together and how we can make the lives of women in Brighton better together. 


Sign up by filling in your details here. 

Due to the amount of communities, organisations and projects there are helping women in Brighton, we ask that only one representative from each group attends this event. 

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One last thing...

If you work for or know of a company who would like to sponsor this event and cover our refreshments costs, please email me at hello@brightongirlmag.com.

Big love,
Pippa x