Dear Mental Health: A Poem


I’ve been sitting, staring at the same four walls for an hour

Trying to come up with the words to somehow portray what it’s like

To live inside this brain of mine

With my thoughts on loop, both day and night


It’s actually embarrassing to say out loud the types of thoughts I have

The things I say to myself, the things I end up believing

Because I can’t control the voices that like to put me down

And in the end it feels like I’m grieving


Grieving for the person I once was

The person that used to go out and enjoy herself

The person that used to take opportunities that life gave

The person I used to be before mental health



And I understand that everyone’s journey is different

Some people may not sleep, and some may sleep too much

Some can go out and mask their illness

And some just need physical touch


Can you tell that already my anxiety is telling me silly things?

Like what if they think that I think

That my mental health symptoms are the only symptoms you can experience

What if they think that my view on mental health is stupid

and I’m delirious?


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Those thoughts just touch the surface

Of what goes on inside my head

Because when you delve a little deeper

You don’t want to hear that I wish I was dead


There you go, a shocking sentence

How could anyone be so ungrateful?

I have everything I need in life

So is this poem simply distasteful?


Because mental illness doesn’t care what you have or don’t have

It doesn’t care about gender or sexuality

It doesn’t care if you’re old or young

It will take advantage and it will take your sanity



So to those who love us and have patience

It’s not that we don’t appreciate you

It’s simply that we cannot show in words or actions

That we are grateful for everything you do


So if you know someone who is struggling with their mental health

Send them a text or pick up the phone

Because you never know if they’re having a dark day

Your voice could help them not to feel so alone



And just one last plea, before I go

Is that if you’re feeling suicidal

Or just that little bit worse than ‘low’


Make one phone call

To the Samaritans, it’s 24/7 and free

You never know that phone call could change your life

You can contact them on 116 123


If you're struggling with your mental health in any way, please reach out to someone close to you or contact the Samaritans.

You're not alone.