Support Brighton Girl!

For the last two years, the Brighton Girl team have been working tirelessly to help over 1,400 young women living in Brighton call this city home. 

Through hosting events, our magazine and our online platforms, we've achieved the following:

  • 1500+ members in the Brighton Girl Facebook Group 
  • Our freelancer's group is on 132 following a recent rebirth
  • Our runner's group is on 114.
  • We've hosted 100+ events where every girl I've spoken to has made a friend
  • 112 girls have found permanent and freelance work through Brighton Girl
  • 45 girls have found housemates
  • We've also helped dozens of local businesses to raise their profile in the Brighton Girl community

And, incredibly, the spirit of the Brighton Girl community sparked the creation of the City Girl Network, which now has 5 extra cities, with many more on the way.

But we need your help! 

Over the next month, we're asking anyone who's found Brighton Girl and the City Girl Network to have a positive impact on their lives, the lives of their loved ones or their business to donate whatever they can. We urgently need essential funds to keep us afloat! 

Donate here!

Or you could buy tickets to some of our fundraiser events!