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Brighton Girl Talks: Empower, Inspire, Support

On Saturday 24th March, Brighton Girl is hosting an evening of talks around our motto, 'Empower, Inspire, Support'. 

We're inviting six incredible women to take the stage at Pop Up Brighton's space (76-81 Kings Road Arches ) to share stories of building communities, starting up businesses, going against the grain and creating the life that they want. 

Everyone's welcome.


Lola Hoad, Founder of One Girl Band, Podcaster, Creative Coach

Lola is a creative coach, speaker, writer, podcaster, and the founder of One Girl Band - a community and workspace for female entrepreneurs. She'll be sharing her journey of building the life that she wanted and inspiring others to do the same through the important message that community is far more important than competition.

Alice Reeves, Founder of BelongCon and Director of Joyful Web

Alice is the director of Brighton-based digital marketing agency, The Joyful Web, the author of children's book series Truth & Tails, and founder of BelongCon, conversation-based events that bring people together -- offline -- to share stories of finding belonging and acceptance. She'll be sharing how learning to trust, ask and take grew her business, her passion and her life.

Pippa Moyle, Founder of City Girl Network

Two years ago, Pippa started Brighton Girl - the community behind the very event! Since then, the concept has grown to 5 other cities and she's quit her career and jumped straight into the no-savings-deep-end to do it. She'll be sharing her rocky road to becoming a business woman.

Donna Hay, Founder of Gozen Girls

Donna is the brains behind the fast-growing female empowerment book club, Gozen Girls. Over the years, she's inspired hundreds of women to read and promoting dozens of incredible authors filling the empowerment and self-help space. Hear how she found the drive within herself to set it up and all of the adventures that this community has led her on.

Sam Harland, Startup Coach

A few years ago, Sam shifted her career from working in big corporates to helping startups grow. She's spent the last 18 months helping dozens of entrepreneurs in Brighton and Manchester to turn their idea into a business - including the City Girl Network! She'll be sharing the ups and downs of transitioning careers and what she learnt about herself when she started following her gut.

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