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Panel Discussion: 'Why We Need A Fashion Revolution'

Join the 'Why We Need A Fashion Revolution' talk, organised as part of the Brighton Fashion Revolution Week. 

When and where?

Tuesday 25th April, 7pm - 10pm, The Blue Man

Who's on the panel?

Siobhan Wilson owner of the The FAIR Shop 

Christine Gent, CEO of People Tree Foundation and former Executive Director of World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO Asia) 

Viv Mugunga co-founder and Managing Director of Ryico (Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation)

A little more information...

The fashion industry is notorious for its endorsement of unethical work conditions and exploitation throughout the supply chain, however many companies lack of transparency means that consumers are often left in thedark about by whom, how and where their clothes have been made. 

Our speakers all have much exposure to the awful truth behind the ‘glamorous’ fashion industry and this night offers a platform for them share their stories and experiences with us as consumers. 

Following each talk there will have an opportunity to ask questions, discuss and further expose the industry for what they really are by asking the question ‘#whomadeyourclothes?’, why this panel think this is and how they feel that we can combat this and make changes for a more conscious future for all!

This event is part of Brighton Fashion Revolution Week, curated by Revival Collective.